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written October 19, 2020

For my siblings, who understand. 

Have you ever been




Like a dusty jewelry box

On a shelf,


To be remembered,

To be meaningful.

You try your best

To make excuses

For them, your friends.

In the excitement,

You forget too, right?

But you never forget,

Not so momentous a day

As this.


As if to itch an insect bite

Or scab,

But holding back

To be remembered,

To be meaningful.


A lack of action

Is more hurtful

Than an action itself.

No word at all

Can speak more words

Than a thousand insults

Or a thousand praises.


Like the new kid at school

Alone at lunch.


To be remembered,

To be meaningful.

Yet no matter

How many times

You’re forgotten,

You still love them.

They’re funny, smart,

Kind, and good.

And they love you too,

As they’ve said plenty.

Feeling disillusioned

Like the back-up girlfriend,

Realizing she’s second.


To be remembered,

To be meaningful.

You remember wistfully

All the good times

You’ve had with them

And will have again.

The worst part is,

They won’t realize

The pain

Of being forgotten.


Like one who’s seen an injustice

To speak up, get it out.


To be remembered,

To be meaningful.

Do you say something

About how you feel?

Will it hurt them?

Don’t they love you?

Yes, they do.

They just have others

Closer to their heart.

How does one respond

To that realization?

Sitting. Waiting.

Aching. Holding back.

Longing. Wishing. Pining.

Feeling disillusioned.

Yearning. Grieving.

All just to be a first

To someone,

To be more special

Just once,

Than anyone else on earth.

Have you ever been



Don’t you wish


Could actually relate?

Did you know

You’ve done that

To Someone?

He’s sitting, waiting.

Longing and yearning

For you,

Grieving that you

Won’t respond

To His love.

The good part is this:

Not only does He

Still love you

Even after

Being forgotten,


Are first in His heart.

Have you ever been



Not by Jesus.

You are remembered.

You are meaningful.

To Him Who you forget

More often than not.

To Him Who knows

More than anyone

What it’s like

To be forgotten.

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TCKs for Christ: Newsletter Manager


is a TCK from America who spent half of her childhood in Indonesia along with her parents and seven younger siblings. She’s passionate about learning new things and seeing the beauty in differences. In her free time, she likes to read, play board games, talk, laugh, write poetry, joke, and meet new people. She’s also a student at Moody Bible Institute, working towards her bachelor’s in Linguistics and Teaching English. Connect with her social media handle, @Godisgraciousx2.

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