TCK Voices: Friendships and Faith as an MK in Hungary

Today we have Elizabeth with us! Welcome, Elizabeth!

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your experience abroad?

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I’m the second oldest of four kids – two brothers and a sister. Our family moved to Budapest, Hungary in 2009, when I was four years old. We were homeschooled for most of our lives, but I currently attend Bible college in the United States. It has been such a gift and testament to God’s grace that I grew up overseas, able to see firsthand His work in His people.

Elisabeth Baker- friendships and faith
Elizabeth Baker

2. What is one memory from your time in Hungary that you would like to share? 

From when we moved to Hungary, I have a vivid memory of pulling up to our house for the very first time. I was just a small, wide-eyed, and excited four-year-old ready for the next adventure!

3. What is the hardest thing about being a TCK?

One of the hardest parts of being an MK is having so much constant change without a ton of stability. It makes it difficult to create lasting relationships with others. Another difficult aspect to growing up overseas is having no sense of a physical location to call home. I have to remind myself that my eternal home is in heaven and not here!

4. How has being a TCK influenced your friendships/relationships? 

As mentioned before, being an MK/TCK has made it difficult to create lasting relationships, although this has become easier now that I’m in college. Despite this, my time overseas has helped me to value the friendships I have now so much more. It has taken a while to to start to be open and vulnerable with others, but it’s something that God has been working on.

5. How has being a TCK influenced your faith?

Being an MK/TCK has made my faith firm in many ways. God has been constant throughout my life, with all the shifting and changing factors. Even though I came to Christ at a relatively young age, I have continually grown in my faith as I’ve walked with Him. I would not have the relationship with God that I do now without this experience, and as hard as it was, I thank God for it.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Elizabeth! 

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