Living victoriously with a firm identity in Jesus Christ

The TCK life has its struggles and challenges. We know, because we’ve been there. That’s why we started TCKs for Christ – to serve, encourage, and challenge you to live victoriously with an identity firmly rooted in Jesus.

We want you to know that you’re not alone. We want you to know that there’s Someone who cares more than you can ever know. And we want you to be able to use your unique TCK gifts for God’s kingdom.

Written by TCKs for TCKs, our articles cover many topics relevant to the third culture experience – belonging, identity, changes, and grief, just to name a few! We also compile and collect helpful resources: our interview series TCK Voices, our email series TCK Letters, and our list of recommended websites.

Our team is made up of TCKs from around the world (five continents, to be precise) with various backgrounds, all connected by our faith, our desire to serve, and our love of writing.

How we got started

This ministry started with one TCK. 

In her mid-teens, she discovered that she was a Third Culture Kid and that many individuals around the world had experienced similar challenges to the ones she faced. Having lived in three countries and been through many transitions, she was well acquainted with other Christians’ lack of awareness and understanding of the TCK experience. But she was just as convinced that Jesus could carry TCKs through all their struggles. 

As an adult, this TCK sought to combine her twin passions for writing and reaching TCKs by creating an email ministry. After praying and getting feedback directly from TCKs, she began TCK Letters (a monthly email series) in 2020 with the purpose of uplifting Christian TCKs with lessons learned from personal challenges.

As her network of TCK friends and acquaintances grew, she began to meet other writers who had the same desire to encourage TCKs in Christ. With the potential of a bigger team, the ministry concept expanded – why not have a website dedicated to serving Christian TCKs? And so, slowly, with the efforts of the newly formed team, TCKs for Christ was established on September 4, 2021.

TCKs for Christ doesn’t belong to the team. It belongs to Christ, the One who has freed, encouraged, comforted, and healed TCKs around the world regardless of their ethnicity, passport covers, and borders. In Him, we have our home and identity.