TCK Letter Requirements

Thank you for your interest in contributing a TCK letter as a guest writer! Please read the following guidelines before you submit.


TCKs for Christ is targeted towards Christian teenaged and young adult TCKs. Therefore, letters must be in line with the Bible and must address topics TCKs have to deal with. This includes identity, moving around, making/losing friends, saying goodbye, etc.

There is no need to provide images.


Please make sure that your word count is 500–1000 words long. If it is slightly longer or shorter, we will consider it, and suggest ideas on how to lengthen/shorten it. 

We prefer letters to include your personal experiences and what God has taught you through them. The structure does not need to be strictly formal. Treat it as you are writing an email to a friend. Letters with headings and points are welcomed. Please ensure that your paragraphs are not too long (preferably 3–5 sentences in each paragraph). 

Grammar and Spelling

You can use either British or American English as long as you are consistent throughout the piece. 

Please capitalize pronouns when referring to God. 


When quoting Scripture, please include the reference and the translation. Translations we allow are KJV, NKJV, ESV, and NIV. 

How To Submit

Please submit your letter title and draft into the body of your email to

If this is your first time contributing to us, please include a 60–80 word bio written in third person. If you would like to, you can send a good picture of yourself to go along with the bio. This is not mandatory. It is possible to be published anonymously if it is a question of safety and privacy for either you or the people around you. 

We prefer to use letters that have not been published previously. However, if you have published it on your personal blog that you believe would fit our website, you may send us a query and we will consider it. Please remember that this is a letter, not an article.  

We do not accept pitches. Please send us your full letter. 

All work must be your own. When quoting others, make sure you have permission and include the reference to the origin.

Once your letter is accepted*, it will be emailed to subscribers on our exclusive content list. A summary of your letter will be mentioned in our newsletter and on our social media platforms. Everyone at TCKs for Christ volunteers; contributing writers will not be compensated. 

Please give us 3–4 weeks to decide if we accept your letter. If you have not heard back from us by then, feel free to contact us. 


If your letter is accepted, we will edit it for minor mistakes. If your letter requires a lot of editing, we will reject it. 


Please contact if you have further questions. We look forward to your contribution!

*We reserve the right to reject a submission if it does not align with what the Bible says, needs major editing, or is in any other way not suitable for the ministry.