Dealing With Grief During Christmas

Out of all the emotions a person could feel during Christmas, why was mine grief? The feeling stemmed from being away from my “extended family,” and I don’t mean my blood relations.

What We Can Learn from Jesus’ Life as Global Nomad

As TCKs, we often call ourselves global nomads. It’s a popular phrase used for international wanderers, adventurers, or travelers. But while that term may make it sound like our lives are full of exotic adventure and fun, the reality of a nomad is anything but.

Let the Pain of Today Be the Promise for Tomorrow

Friend, it doesn’t end with today’s pain. It ends with tomorrow’s promise. One day, we will be in that lasting city. Instead of dwelling on the problems of today, let’s see them as promises for tomorrow. These promises for tomorrow can start today.

3 Ways Love Casts Out Fear

Are you sick of living in fear? I know I am. The TCK life can introduce a myriad of fears – fear of interacting with people who may stereotype you, fear of not knowing what will happen in the next country, fear of committing social faux pas … you name it …

Kristianne Hassman -

The Key to Embracing Your Differentness

Dear TCK, I get it. I truly do. But no matter how hard we try, we can’t get away from our differentness. The nature of our lives as TCKs and Christians is that God has called us to stand out. He has called us to be a light on a hill. He has called us to go against the tide of the culture. He has called us to serve the audience of One.

Image - To the Non-Missionary Kid - You Have a Mission

To the Non-Missionary Kid: You Have a Mission

I’m not a missionary kid. People often assume that I am and are confused when I try to clarify: Yes, I’m a Christian. Yes, my family lives in a “foreign” country. But no, we’re not missionaries in the technical sense of the word. Somehow, admitting to the fact produces a sense of inferiority. Where’s the purpose in “just living” in South America when I’m not doing special mission work?


How My TCK Life Revealed Whom I was Actually Serving

One day, everything came crashing down. My dad was attacked and almost died while we were on the field, and we had to return to the US for advanced medical care. I felt lost, broken, and aimless. I realized then that I was not serving God; I was living only to serve myself …

Sarah Rhomberg - Gift of the Unknown

The Gift of Stepping Into the Unknown

This is the story of a man who lost home and found home. A man who trusted, even when he didn’t know where that trust would lead him. A man who took one step at a time, believing that the One who called him would be faithful …

My Journey to Finding Home

Eleven-year-old me thought she was betraying the other places if she called one “home.” And calling several places home? That didn’t sound right…

Changing Our Perspective on Change

Change creates so much upheaval. It can leave you feeling lonely and out of place as the “new kid.” It can leave you feeling frustrated and angry because your life seems to be spinning out of control.

What Being Different Taught Me About Purpose

Being a foreigner seemed to have many downsides to it, and I felt different and useless. I wanted to find a purpose in being different, something about being different that made me useful in a special way, but I never did find that…

Everyone’s Story is Different

You will never find two people who share exactly the same story. But let’s say that many TCKs do have one thing in common: Their stories can’t be compared. They’re too different. 

How the TCK Life is Like a Chameleon’s Egg

“If it doesn’t struggle now, it won’t get stronger because of it. Then later, it might die of something small that it would have managed.”
The infant reptile struggled with its confinements for what seemed like an eternity, but it eventually persevered and broke free….

Embracing Our TCK Gifts With Fearless Humility

Do you hesitate to use your TCK gifts, fearing other people’s opinions? Or do you feel superior because of your experiences? I think we’ve all fallen on both sides at some point. Somehow, we need to balance confidence and selflessness. But how do we achieve this balance?

The Struggle of Fitting Into My Passport Country

“Everyone knew everyone and no one knew me.” That was exactly how I felt when I moved to Singapore, my passport country. Being born there, I felt the expectations of society and myself that I needed to fit in because I was born a local, but I couldn’t …

TCK is Not Your Identity

Why identify yourself with something that doesn’t last? It has no value…Sometimes, when I catch myself putting my identity in something other than Him, I remind myself of who I am…

In the Midst of a Changing World

We live in a world of changes. A move to another house is a shift in our physical home and neighbourhood. Whereas, a move to another country is a shift in more than just a physical home and neighbourhood. …

The Identity of Home

Have you ever struggled with the idea of “home”? I know I have. As TCKs, we often battle this relentless onslaught of insecurity about our legitimate home. Throughout my entire life, the only insecurity I battled was found within a question…

Painful Goodbyes Are Beautiful

The word goodbye has always been a part of my life. Over the years, I’ve switched schools five times. I’ve had different friends at different schools, and every time I leave, I have to say goodbye …

We Are Citizens of Heaven

When someone asks you where you are from, what do you say? My answer looks something like this: Well, ethnically I’m from X country, and both my parents are from there. But actually …

Where Are You Rooted?

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw a post asking TCKs what music helped them cope with the challenges of TCK life. As I read the comments, one title caught my eye. The song was about having no roots. …

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

Sorting out clothes and belongings, getting rid of those that I don’t need, keeping a few to remind myself of a country, and seeing cardboard waiting to be taped and formed into boxes. It is an all too familiar process I go through many times …