What Being Different Taught Me About Purpose

Being a foreigner seemed to have many downsides to it, and I felt different and useless. I wanted to find a purpose in being different, something about being different that made me useful in a special way, but I never did find that…

How the TCK Life is Like a Chameleon’s Egg

“If it doesn’t struggle now, it won’t get stronger because of it. Then later, it might die of something small that it would have managed.”
The infant reptile struggled with its confinements for what seemed like an eternity, but it eventually persevered and broke free….

Embracing Our TCK Gifts With Fearless Humility

Do you hesitate to use your TCK gifts, fearing other people’s opinions? Or do you feel superior because of your experiences? I think we’ve all fallen on both sides at some point. Somehow, we need to balance confidence and selflessness. But how do we achieve this balance?

The Struggle of Fitting Into My Passport Country

“Everyone knew everyone and no one knew me.” That was exactly how I felt when I moved to Singapore, my passport country. Being born there, I felt the expectations of society and myself that I needed to fit in because I was born a local, but I couldn’t …


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