You’re not in this alone.

And we’re here to remind you of that with our
monthly interview series.

Although every TCK’s life is different, with unique challenges, struggles, and blessings, we’re all connected by the similar themes of our experiences. In TCK Voices, we explore both the unique and the common in the lives of TCKs around the globe.

We love to hear from people like you. Find out how you can share your story by getting interviewed

TCK Voices: On Hellos and Goodbyes

Every time we say hello to a new person, a new place, or a new people group, we open ourselves to the great God-given blessing of knowing and loving and maybe even being loved by a part of His creation, but we also open ourselves to the deep pain of losing our connection with them, of saying goodbye. 

TCK Voices: Back and Forth Between America and England

Everyone has struggles, and while TCKs have unique ones, everyone feels their struggles are unique to them. Find what you can connect with in another person’s story and see how you can encourage them through those similarities. Don’t give up telling your story …

TCK Voices: Called to Be a Wandering Foreigner in This Land

Being a TCK has truly ingrained in me the perspective that it is our differences as people that make us so wonderful, that we can learn from everyone, and that there’s always another story to hear from someone else ,,,


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