You’re not in this alone.

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Although every TCK’s life is different, with unique challenges, struggles, and blessings, we’re all connected by the similar themes of our experiences. In TCK Voices, we explore both the unique and the common in the lives of TCKs around the globe.

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TCK Voices: How We Grew Closer as a Family in Kosovo

We also learned to make use of our heat efficiently by maximizing the number of people in the bathroom. One could shower, with one on the toilet, two brushing their teeth, and another using the washing machine…

TCK Voices: Learning Cultural Grace in South Africa

As a person, and especially as a TCK, there will always be something about you that is considered “weird,” “uncomely,” or “annoying.” … As people, when we are constantly faced with direct and indirect messages to change ourselves, we tend to frantically try to do just that. But I urge you to calm down just a bit.


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