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Encouraging TCKs to Live
Victoriously in Christ

TCK life can be lonely and turbulent, but we’re here to help you thrive by providing you with timely
encouragement from personal stories that will inspire you to root your identity in Jesus.

What is a TCK?

TCKs (Third Culture Kids) are people who have spent a significant amount of their developmental years in a culture other than their native culture. The influences of two or more cultures blend together to create a “third culture” that TCKs experience and inhabit.

The TCKs we serve include the children of missionaries, businessmen and women, military personnel, diplomats, multicultural families, etc.


What we publish:


Written by TCKs, for TCKs.

Our articles touch on the intersection of Christian life and the third culture kid experience, covering diverse topics such as identity, change, TCK gifts, and much more.

The TCK life has its unique struggles. Grief, lost relationships, lack of belonging. But we believe that you can live victoriously in spite of – and because of – all the challenges.


Discover you are not alone.

TCKs seem to be few and far between because we’re scattered all over the globe. Our TCK Voices series exists to show you that there are many more people like you – so you can be inspired by their stories and learn from their journeys.


Hope, delivered straight to your inbox.

Every month, we send out an email written by another TCK. It’s like getting a letter from a friend who understands just where you are! 

By sharing stories about their life, their struggles, and the lessons they’ve learned from Jesus, the writers of TCK Letters remind you that Jesus will take care of you and that other TCKs are here for you as well.

Why write for TCKs?

Firstly, there are a lot of TCKs in the world (upward of 230 million, according to estimates, and only growing with increasing globalization). Secondly, there are a lot of Christian TCKs. (If the number of foreign missionaries in the world is anything to go by – around 430,000 or so – imagine how many missionary kids there are!)

Most people are unaware of Third Culture Kids (including many TCKs themselves) and don’t realize how the TCK experience affects their view of themselves and the world. TCKs face a unique set of challenges. Because they undergo great environmental changes during developmental years, they especially struggle with a sense of identity, cultural belonging, and the continuous experience of grief.

We want to be here for this large, diverse, growing demographic. We want to encourage TCKs because we are TCKs ourselves who have suffered our share of grief and have discovered that there is hope and healing in Jesus.

What about MKs?

Christians are most familiar with MKs (Missionary Kids) – the children of missionaries serving abroad. The difference between MKs and TCKs can be confusing. Because they grow up in a country other than their own, MKs are also TCKs. However, because there are many other kinds of Third Culture Kids, MKs are considered a subset of the umbrella term TCK. All MKs are TCKs, but not all TCKs are MKs.

At TCKs for Christ, we certainly write for MKs, but not only for MKs. There are many Christian kids and teens among other TCK subgroups, and we write for them too. We use the term TCK rather than MK in order to encompass the many different circumstances of Christian kids who grew up abroad. If you’re a Christian and you grew up outside your native culture, then we’re writing for you.

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Our mission is to encourage and challenge TCKs around the globe.

TCKs for Christ is an online ministry dedicated to serving Christian teenage/young adult Third Culture Kids by publishing articles and written resources that remind them that they are not alone in their struggles.