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TCKs for Christ strives to serve, encourage, and challenge teenage and young adult Christian TCKs in Jesus. They include missionary kids, business kids, military kids, diplomat kids, cross-cultural kids, mixed-cultural kids, domestic TCKs, etc.

The TCK life has its struggles and challenges, and we desire to encourage a TCK in truth and to tell them that they are not alone and that there’s Someone who cares more than they can ever know. Our team consists of TCKs with various backgrounds writing for young TCKs to motivate them to use their gifts for His kingdom and to live victoriously with a firm identity in Jesus Christ.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

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Articles and Resources

Written by TCKs for TCKs like you, our articles cover diverse topics: belonging, identitychanges, grief, gifts, and more! As we know how hard the TCK life is, we have compiled encouraging resources: TCK Voices, TCK Letters, and recommended websites. Read our latest published works:

What Being Different Taught Me About Purpose
Being a foreigner seemed to have many downsides to it, and I felt different and useless. I wanted to find a purpose in being different, …
TCK Voices: Kate Sinclair 
The hardest thing about being a TCK for me is the lack of true friendships. When you don’t live in your passport country, you can’t …
3 Tips for Interacting With People in Your Passport Country
It can often be hard to stop ourselves from feeling bitter toward the people who have wrong assumptions about places we’ve lived…
TCK Voices: Hannah Hill
There are TCKs who live remotely from other people. They feel discouraged and lonely for friends…
Everyone’s Story is Different
You will never find two people who share exactly the same story. But let’s say that many TCKs do have one thing in common: Their …
TCK Voices: Audrey Howe
Right after we arrived in America, lockdowns started. It was a pretty tough time for my whole family – being away from my dad, finally …

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TCKs for Christ homepage

How TCKs for Christ Began

The ministry started small with a teenager’s desire to love Christ and her longing to reach other TCKs. She had been through three countries and many transitions, challenges, and struggles. Jesus carried her through all of them despite the lack of awareness and understanding from the Christian communities around her. In her mid-teens, she discovered that she was a third culture kid and that many individuals like her around the world experienced the same challenges. They were also struggling due to the lack of people around them understanding and encouraging them in Christ. Years passed and the teen grew into an adult TCK writer.

The ATCK began with a prayer, a question, and an answer.

“What do you think of an email ministry for TCKs?” the ATCK asked.

“That would encourage me,” a TCK said.

After many prayers, a letter was sent to a small email list – also known as the TCK Letters. Its purpose was to uplift other Christian TCKs with lessons learned from personal challenges.

Soon the ATCK met other TCK writers with the same desires. Then one day … (read more)

Who are TCKs?

Third Culture Kids or TCKs are people who have lived in a culture other than their parents’ or their passport/birth country’s culture during developmental years or years before adulthood. Because of their exposure to two or more cultures … (read more)