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TCKs for Christ strives to serve, encourage, and challenge teenage and young adult Christian Third Culture Kids in Jesus. TCKs include missionary kids, business kids, military kids, diplomat kids, cross-cultural kids, mixed-cultural kids, domestic TCKs, etc.

The TCK life has its struggles and challenges, and TCKs for Christ desires to encourage a TCK in truth and to tell them that they are not alone and that there’s Someone who cares more than they can ever know. The TCKs for Christ team consists of TCKs from various backgrounds, writing for young TCKs to motivate them to use their gifts for God’s kingdom and to live victoriously with a firm identity in Jesus Christ.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Articles and Resources

Written by TCKs for TCKs like you, our articles cover diverse topics: belonging, identitychanges, grief, difficulties, gifts, and relationships! As we know how hard the TCK life is, we have compiled encouraging resources: TCK Voices, TCK Letters, and recommended websites. Read our latest published works:

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