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Let the Pain of Today Be the Promise for Tomorrow

Friend, it doesn’t end with today’s pain. It ends with tomorrow’s promise. One day, we will be in that lasting city. Instead of dwelling on the problems of today, let’s see them as promises for tomorrow. These promises for tomorrow can start today.

3 Ways Love Casts Out Fear

Are you sick of living in fear? I know I am. The TCK life can introduce a myriad of fears – fear of interacting with people who may stereotype you, fear of not knowing what will happen in the next country, fear of committing social faux pas … you name it …

Image - To the Non-Missionary Kid - You Have a Mission

To the Non-Missionary Kid: You Have a Mission

I’m not a missionary kid. People often assume that I am and are confused when I try to clarify: Yes, I’m a Christian. Yes, my family lives in a “foreign” country. But no, we’re not missionaries in the technical sense of the word. Somehow, admitting to the fact produces a sense of inferiority. Where’s the purpose in “just living” in South America when I’m not doing special mission work?

Sarah Rhomberg - Gift of the Unknown

The Gift of Stepping Into the Unknown

This is the story of a man who lost home and found home. A man who trusted, even when he didn’t know where that trust would lead him. A man who took one step at a time, believing that the One who called him would be faithful …


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