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Image - To the Non-Missionary Kid - You Have a Mission

To the Non-Missionary Kid: You Have a Mission

I’m not a missionary kid. People often assume that I am and are confused when I try to clarify: Yes, I’m a Christian. Yes, my family lives in a “foreign” country. But no, we’re not missionaries in the technical sense of the word. Somehow, admitting to the fact produces a sense of inferiority. Where’s the purpose in “just living” in South America when I’m not doing special mission work?

Sarah Rhomberg - Gift of the Unknown

The Gift of Stepping Into the Unknown

This is the story of a man who lost home and found home. A man who trusted, even when he didn’t know where that trust would lead him. A man who took one step at a time, believing that the One who called him would be faithful …

Embracing Our TCK Gifts With Fearless Humility

Do you hesitate to use your TCK gifts, fearing other people’s opinions? Or do you feel superior because of your experiences? I think we’ve all fallen on both sides at some point. Somehow, we need to balance confidence and selflessness. But how do we achieve this balance?