TCK Voices: Elena Coyle

A couple of the hardest things are the feeling of being stuck between two worlds and not being able to have a constant group of friends with you in person.

TCK Voices: Audrey Howe

Right after we arrived in America, lockdowns started. It was a pretty tough time for my whole family – being away from my dad, finally being back where our friends lived but unable to see them.

The Identity of Home

Have you ever struggled with the idea of “home”? I know I have. As TCKs, we often battle this relentless onslaught of insecurity about our legitimate home. Throughout my entire life, the only insecurity I battled was found within a question…

We Are Citizens of Heaven

When someone asks you where you are from, what do you say? My answer looks something like this: Well, ethnically I’m from X country, and both my parents are from there. But actually …

Where Are You Rooted?

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw a post asking TCKs what music helped them cope with the challenges of TCK life. As I read the comments, one title caught my eye. The song was about having no roots. …

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