Chana (pronounced HA-nuh) is a TCK from America who spent half of her childhood in Indonesia along with her parents and seven younger siblings. She’s passionate about learning new things and seeing the beauty in differences. In her free time, she likes to read, play board games, talk, laugh, write poetry, joke, stare at clouds, and meet new people. She’s also a student in Chicago working towards her bachelor’s in Linguistics.

Lost You

lost you image

How can I mourn you I never knew?
By the time I was old enough to know,
Disease had already changed you.
I was whisked away by circumstances,
And I chose to be away later, after you passed…

Labor of Love

labor of love image

A groan of anguish seeks to escape—
I barely contain it.
Why, why, WHY
Why does it feel so broken?
This was to be a joyful reunion,
A celebration of the fruit of many years—
Yet here is heartache in the happiness…